Best Place To Stay In Milos

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Best Place to Stay in Milos: Your Ultimate Island Retreat

When it comes to the Greek islands, Milos is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. With its breathtaking landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and charming villages, it’s no wonder travelers are flocking to Milos. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a family in need of a relaxing vacation, this article will guide you to the best places to stay in Milos for an unforgettable experience.

Why Milos?

Before we dive into the best accommodations on the island, let’s understand why Milos is worth visiting. With over 75 beaches, Milos offers a diverse range of experiences, from secluded coves to bustling seaside spots. The island is also famous for its unique geological formations, including the stunning Sarakiniko Beach and the otherworldly Kleftiko Caves. Don’t forget to explore the picturesque villages like Plaka and Pollonia, where you can savor local cuisine and immerse yourself in Greek culture.

Choosing the Right Location

The key to a memorable stay in Milos is selecting the right location. Here are some areas to consider:


Adamas is the main port of Milos and a convenient hub for travelers. You’ll find a variety of accommodations, from cozy guesthouses to luxury hotels. Staying here provides easy access to the island’s boat tours, shops, and vibrant nightlife.


Perched on a hill overlooking Milos, Plaka is the island’s capital and offers stunning panoramic views. The narrow cobblestone streets, traditional Greek architecture, and charming atmosphere make it a popular choice. It’s also home to some great dining options.


If you’re seeking a peaceful and relaxing retreat, Pollonia is your best bet. This charming fishing village in the northeast of the island offers a tranquil ambiance, beautiful beaches, and excellent seafood restaurants.

Best Place To Stay In Milos


For a unique experience, consider staying in one of the colorful fishing huts carved into the cliffs in Klima. It’s a step back in time and perfect for those who appreciate an authentic, rustic vibe.

Top Accommodations

Now that you know the best locations on the island, let’s explore some top accommodations in Milos:

Luxury Resorts

For an indulgent experience, consider luxury resorts like Santa Maria Village Resort & Spa, Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel, or Milos Cove. These establishments offer stunning sea views, upscale amenities, and impeccable service.

Charming Guesthouses

Milos also boasts an array of charming guesthouses, such as Lagada Beach Hotel, Eiriana Luxury Suites, and Psaravolada Resort. These accommodations provide a cozy and authentic Milos experience.

Budget-Friendly Options

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry; Milos has several affordable options, including Aeolis Hotel, Apollon Rooms, and Orama Studios. You can still enjoy the beauty of the island without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts

Milos is a paradise waiting to be explored, and choosing the right place to stay can greatly enhance your experience. Whether you prefer the bustling atmosphere of Adamas, the historic charm of Plaka, the tranquility of Pollonia, or the rustic beauty of Klima, Milos has something for everyone. Select your ideal accommodation and get ready for an unforgettable Greek island adventure.

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